Gametrix KW-908 JetSeat TurboJet

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Pre-order the Gametrix KW-908 JetSeat TurboJet, and save €10 only for a short period of time. 

This flagship among vibration pads opens new dimensions of addiction. In other words, from now on you're not going to make a step out of your gaming chair.

Even more engines

The simple quantitative equation says: "The more engines, the better the experience."

This pad from Gametrix pushes again the boundary options. Under the famously designed coating of synthetic leather and soft foam filling you find a total of eight anatomically positioned vibrating motors.

They instantly get you into the cockpit of a jet fighter or impregnable tank gun tower. The list of compatible games can be found below.

World of Tanks, War Thunder, DCS World,, Flight Simulator X / Prepar3D, Assetto Corsa and more.

3 advantages of feedback

Thanks to sophisticated functions, anatomy and connectivity of Gametrix KW-908 JetSeat TurboJet pad you transfer into virtual reality even faster.

    Sound capture – Each of the eight engines works really quietly. Moreover,  vibrations in the sound capture mode are linked in their timing with sound effects in the game, such as explosions and noise.
      Vibration effects – The engines work with the real-time timing of the force-feedback effects. Important moments and situations are immediately transmitted by vibrations to the entire surface of the pad.
        Massage function - Several hours of gaming can be really tiresome. Independent massage function perfectly relaxes your body for the next batch of gaming action!

          But vibrating pad serves not only to gaming purposes.

          Enhance your experience of watching movies, listening to music and other multimedia plays. In action movies, you feel the explosions of grenades and fists of superheroes literally on your own! For ideal effect, we recommend combining with the stereo or 5.1 sound.

          You can also use the above-mentioned massage function in offline mode, even after a hard day at work. The pad naturally works in a sitting position as well as lying.

          Want only the best

          Do you like to let yourself "get swallowed" by virtual worlds for a few hours? Then the thing you sit on is perhaps more important than what you're playing.

          Try Gametrix KW-908 JetSeat TurboJet firsthand!


          Minimum system requirements:

          • OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10
          • Available USB port
          • 64 MB RAM
          • 32 MB of free disk space
          • CD / DVD ROM optical drive

          Package contents:

          • Gametrix KW-908 vibrating pad
          • Power supply (EU type)
          • Control unit with USB & audio connectors
          • User guide (EN)

          Questions & Answers

          Ask a Question
          • What is the technical difference betwen the Gametrix KW-901 and the KW-908?

            The KW-901 has 6 vibration motors, with 2 of them placed in the lower area. The KW-908 has stronger 8 vibration motors, and with 4 of them placed in the lower area. In this case, KW-908 can provide more notable force-feedback effects in that area.

          • What power supply is required?

            The Euro type power adapter (for the socket compatible with plug types C, E & F) is included. The KW-908's switching adapter has the following parameters: INPUT: 100-240V~50/60Hz; OUTPUT: 12V - 1000mA.

          • Which games are supported?

            You can find the list of PC game titles with the Gametrix force-feedback support here.